There are numerous kinds and types of outdoor furniture to select from. Outdoor furniture, however, is frequently made of hazardous materials that can be harmful to your house or the ecosystem.

However, the great news is that many enterprises are now doing their part to produce more environmentally friendly outdoor furnishings. After all, plastic was invented due to the rising shortage of raw resources caused by the industrialization process.

Still, developing markets and increased production require the development of new solutions. So, if you’re searching for some modern eco-friendly furniture made from reused plastic materials, check out our best picks below.


If you’re searching for an environmentally friendly brand, this one outperforms many of its peers. The HDPE lumber used by Durogreen is both Fair Trade Commission and Green Circle certified.

These credentials verify that the brand complies with all sustainability requirements and comprises at least 95% recyclable materials.

Moreover, their goods are not only incredibly sustainable but also remarkably long-lasting. They even utilize marine-grade metal hardware. Aside from this, each model is painstakingly crafted to be comfortable, practical, and visually attractive.

After all, Durogreen’s designers have extensive expertise in creating furniture that can survive all seasons as well as some of the roughest outside conditions.

While their product range is restricted to tables and chairs, they still have a good choice of items and a list of unique collections for those seeking something particularly fashionable.


Polywood, founded in 1990, was the first manufacturer to employ recycled plastic for furniture items. They obtain usable plastics from international partners and treat them in their on-site plastic processing facility. As a result, this demonstrates their dedication to environmentally friendly production processes.

Moreover, Polywood promises to save 400,000 milk containers from landfill spaces or the ocean every day. Of course, the furniture produced from their eco-friendly endeavors is equally stunning, with a wide range of high-quality outdoor goods.

Aside from this, there’s a reason Polywood is a brand you’ll see a lot of while looking for plastic outdoor furniture. In this case, what distinguishes the brand from others is its synthetic timber closely resembles genuine wood better than most competitors.


Breezesta, founded in 1999, is another leading company that has demonstrated a solid dedication to quality and environmental sustainability. In fact, one of their secrets to success has been inventiveness.

For example, the HDPE lumber they use is heavier, and the surface is patterned to imitate wood and disguise tiny scratches. Their commitment to appearance, in particular, is unrivaled.

In addition, because the rich color staining saturates the timber, any scratches will not disclose any dark spots under the surface. Overall, Breezesta offers a competitive range of products and styles in addition to their remarkable product developments.

Berlin Gardens

If you choose Berlin Gardens, you will almost certainly end up with something that none of your neighbors will be able to duplicate. After all, this brand is well-known for producing a wide range of one-of-a-kind furniture types.

So, suppose you want something more for your outside space. In that case, you may look at their backyard designs, including pergolas and gazebos. Moreover, their Berlin Gardens premium cleaning products are undeniably worth the money, especially when it comes to care and upkeep.

Seaside Casual

Based in New England, Seaside Casual set out to give their local community furnishings that could endure the harsh seaside air. In fact, the brand began employing recycled plastic timber in 1996, as well as UV protection coatings for outdoor endurance.

Moreover, this family-owned company is as trustworthy as they come. Aside from this, they also feature a large variety of outdoor chairs, swings, and desks.

Lastly, they also provide high-quality mattresses and pillows to complement their specific design. In fact, their furniture might well be seen throughout the country, with over 50 product styles.