Screw Tables
by Eero Aarnio 1992

Aarnio: "I have always studied my surroundings, the nature, buildings, objects, out of scale, in which case big can be small and visa versa.

With this in mind a small metal screw serves the function of a table: a spiral part is a thin table leg and the head is the broadening table top. It is only a question of scaling. Naturally the same function and shape can be realized simplified but the outcome is very ordinary.

The shape of the screw gives the product added value and it gets your imagination and creativity going. You are an inch tall in the land of giants, where even the screws are almost your size."

The idea of having an oversized screw as a table seems natural for a versatile man like Eero Aarnio working on industrial design, furniture and architecture. Screws are used in every house but mostly hidden - why not honor them as visible objects? Place them as a side table in the living room and on the veranda or the higher version in cafeterias, coffee shops and bars.

The fibreglass and the metallic colors make them a shining eye-catcher in every space.

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Child with Screw Tables

High and Small Screw Tables