Fakes of Eero Aarnio Designs

Do you want to own a true design classic or a cheap copy?

Design experts cannot be fooled in this respect, but not everyone is an expert. And at first sight the copies and the originals look very much alike – especially if you lack direct comparison.

Regrettably, many Eero Aarnio fans already fell for low-priced would-be originals.

To prevent you from such misfortune, we have compiled some really hilarious examples from the copyists.

zoom in  Fake – The Cushioning
The copyist seems to be a confectioner, or why is it that the cushioning is divided in that many pieces of cake?
  Fake – The Base / Design
Is this play dough or a Doric capital? In any case it’s a real good laugh!
  Fake – The Base / Construction The sticking point for many copyists.
One wrong movement and you will stick to the floor instead of to the chair.
  Fake – Hitting the road
The officials of Karlsruhe CID were flabbergasted when they took this “Asian quality product” from the ramp.
zoom in  Fake – The Padding
Honestly: Recycling is just great!
But grandma’s mattress as padding for a design object? This goes too far!
zoom in  Fake – Pastil Chair
Are two peas in a pod really alike?
No, because the connoisseur immediately recognizes that these are inferior products from the Far East.