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THE ORIGINAL EERO AARNIO DESIGNS MADE IN FINLAND worldwide exclusive rights by ADELTA in agreement with Mr. Eero Aarnio

1990 ADELTA agreed with Eero Aarnio on the worldwide exclusive marketing rights for the fibreglass furniture designs. The rights for the BALL CHAIR, PASTIL CHAIR, TOMATO CHAIR and BUBBLE CHAIR (acryl) went over from the company Asko to ADELTA.

The production of the fibreglass models is still done exclusively by the same factory in Finland as from the sixties up to the eighties by using the original moulds.
Additional new models have been designed by Eero Aarnio to complete the ADELTA Eero Aarnio Furniture Edition, as there are the COPACABANA and SCREW TABLES, the FORMULA CHAIR.

Further on there have been taken up designs, which have been out of production for some years, like the PONY, or which have earlier been made of other materials, like the MUSHROOM.

All rights on these designs are reserved to Eero Aarnio, all marketing and sales rights are reserved to ADELTA, all production rights are reserved to factories in Finland.

Focus Chair

Tomato Chair with Mousse T